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Need help with Rose Tree!

I have an unknown problem with a rose tree I purchased this year from

I ordered 2, one is doing great *blooms and all*, and the other one hasn't even produced one leaf! The one that is doing well is a lavender variety and the other is a Dr. Brownell. They are both in identical pots, they are both outdoors in FULL sun. They are watered regularly.
I can tell the Dr. Brownell is alive because I can see that the stems (bare as they are) are green internally- not dead brown and brittle.

Any ideas?? It's now July and I have a stick in a pot! :)

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Sounds like the shrub has a weaker root system and is struggling with transplant shock as well. I would contact Cottage Farms to let them know you are having problems, are not pleased and would like another plant (or refund). If ordering a replacement, wait until temperatures go down (say in Sept) since C. F. is in AL and temperatures are high all over here and there now.

In the meantime, I would add a liquid root stimulator and keep the soil constantly moist and well mulched. Mix the liquid root stimulator with the water you use to water the plants. Do not fertilize the plant.

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