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my bonsai is loosing its leaves help!

My boyfriend was given a bonsai carmona(?) for his birthday and it is loosing its leaves what do I do?

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Allow me to guess it's a Fukien Tea. Try to id it yourself by googling up pictures and see if yours match the pictures. They're picky about their temperature and humidity. Comes from humid SE Asia.
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We've had a good dozen requests to help save Fukien Teas in this season alone. If you try a search on Fukien Tea I am sure you will come up with a plethora of helpful ideas. Carmona/Ehretia is probably the second most difficult "indoor bonsai" to keep right behind Serissa. If you are truly interested in bonsai, you may want to try putting this one to the side, doing what you can to help it, and choosing a more appropriate species.

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