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Fairly new sod 90% dead, what now?

My Husband and I moved into a new rental home in March this year. Our landlord said the sod was finished around December '10. We've had tons of water for this time of year in California and as soon as it stopped raining we water our lawn 3x a week for 20 minutes [our town is on a water ration so we have scheduled days]

We are not sure what killed the lawn, as we never walked on on and only mowed it once it stopped raining. The landlord is pissed, and being very rude about it. The ground is extremly uneven and lumpy.

Did my husband and I unknowningly kill this once beautiful lawn? or could there have been something wrong with the soil when it was planted? The home was remodled over the past year by the landlord and his friends and we've noticed quite a few inadequate and faulty things.

The landlord wants us to spray buy some treatment for the lawn disease, but I don't want to waste our money if it wont fix the problem.

Here Are Pictures of the Lawn




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