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help, I left the soak hose on too long!!

I have a couple inches of water. Most of my plants are pretty large and healthy but my boyfriend's gonna so mad if I ruined anything :( :cry:

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Run and leave no forwarding address or you could just distract him until the water soaks in. You probably are fine. :)


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Well for one you probably gave the ground the water it needs.
Most do not water enough.

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You mean like the time I put the sprinkler on in the front yard about 5-6 P.M. and forgot about it. When I woke up the next morning I glanced out the front window as I always do and thought It must have rained than realized I left the stupid sprinkler on ALL NIGHT.

It was all good, other than the waste of water :oops: and the extra grass mowing I had to do.

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your boyfriend should be happy now that he doesnt have to water for a while.

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