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Bell Pepper problem.

I am having the same problem I had last year my pepper plants are 7" tall and they are making marble size peppers. The plant nursery must start these from seeds in January.

Last summer I bought a bell pepper from the grocery store and planted all the seeds in a circle around the pepper plants that I bought. The seeds grew and I thinned out the plants and they out grew the store bought plants and made some good bell peppers.

I sweet banana peppers have peppers 1" long that are ready to pick.

I think I will plant some seeds tomorrow.

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That is unusual. I'd stick with planting your own seed from now on, especially as the plants outgrow the others by so much. I don't know what to tell you about the fruit size though. Maybe you should get your soil tested just to be sure?

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Gary, how did you harvest seeds from your peppers? Do you just take them straight out of the pepper and plant them or do you need to dry them or something first?

Any light you could shed for this new gardener would be greatly appreciated. :)


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end of last year I had 20 - 30 peppers that were hung n a string.
I kept 1/4 for seed, they dry hung all winter.
planted them straight into garden, of 200+ seeds only have 6 plants to show for it........Aw Shucks
Problem is I cant remember which kinds of peppers they are. Looks like it will be a surprise when they start to produce :)

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That's okay. It's always nice to get pleasant surprises in the garden. :)

So if I'm understanding you I just need to remove and dry the seeds from inside a pepper. Is it really that easy? Wow.


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Pepper Plants

:( Mystery peppers are great. I started my peppers from seed, but when it was time to transplant the plants the container holding the seedlings feel and they became mixed up. Now I will have to wait, but the problem I am having is that the pepper plants are still only 5 inches high. The same height that they were when I planted them in the end of May. I did plant them were I had tomato plants last year. Would that cause them not to grow. Anyone know what I have to do to get my pepper plants to grow. They are in limbo right now. HELP !!!

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I, too, have horrible luck with store bought pepper plants... sadly, the ones I tried to grow from seed aren't doing anything at all, either. I'm hoping that changes soon, but I guess we'll see!

Hope yours do better too

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I tried growing peppers from seed last year; the problem was that they were on the table in the living room and got started in march; it was way too cold for them. they germinated ok, but then just never grew much. so now I've given up doing that, and just get store-bought plants. I tend to want to get them in the ground as soon as possible, but I've lost a lot of them to late frost the last couple of years. so now I think I'll just wait until the weather turns good and hot, and buy the larger plants; the small ones don't do nearly as well, and many of those die. costs some money, but better than having to replace them a couple of times.

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