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I need help with a North Star Cherry


I put a North Star cherry in my yard around 3 or 4 weeks ago. I live in southern NH. The tree did well initially, and lots of cherries have started growing. But now I have a branch or two where the leaves are turning brown and shriveling up, and the cherries are drooping and then they stop growing. I'm afraid this will spread. Some pics:

Leaves dying

There was a sap dried area on that branch

Another branch dying (horizontal in the picture), but no sap on this one

The tree overall:

I have watered this tree at least every other day. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried researching diseases etc but they all seem so similar to me how can I tell? Any help would be appreciated!


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strip the bad leaves off and distroy them. Do not put them in a compost pile. If you just planted this tree this year take the cherries off. The tree needs to be 2-3 years old before you let them bare (some say 2 some 3). If it just a couple of branches that are scorched like that take them off and distroy them. After the leaves fall it should be sprayed with a dormant spray. In the spring with a copper based fruit tree spray maybe twice. This fall pick up all of the leaves and distroy them as soon as they fall. Keep taking the diseased leaves off. It must have been a very wet spring there, that is usually when these things are the worst. If you have a resin like oozing out of a branch you are not trimming take it off and distroy it as well.
We had a bad spring and I have a little trouble as well, even with spraying with copper once, I will probably hit it twice, once before buds open and once before leaf set.

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