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Rock Hard Soil Suggestions to Make More Porous

Hi Guys,

I am wanting your expert advice on a lawn that has rock hard soil.

I have seen people get a load of sand and spread a thin layer over the entire yard but I don't want to smother out my grass.

(or) would it make more since to aerate the heck out of it. I've had it aerated a couple of times but it didn't seem to make much difference.

I of course am wide open for you suggestions.


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Most likely you have lots of clay in your soil. If you do not want to break up the lawn and replant a small amount of sand my help, try putting a little on at a time and water it in. I never did it this way so I am just talking.
The only way I know to do it is to till in a bunch of sand and compost and then replant.

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Have you read the [url=]Sticky[/url] in the Lawn Care Forum? Several of the posts deal with soil quality; maybe some of the suggestions will work for you.

Incorporating organic material (e.g., compost) helps both sandy soils and clay-ey soils; both textures and drainage qualities are improved.

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