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What tomato plant is this?

This is from one of those supermarket grow on the windowsil pots.

I just want to determine what kind of plant it is so I know wether to cut off any side shoots or not?

Also in the bigger pot should I seperate them individually or let them grow together as they are.

I'm growing them indoors for their entire life as I live in a flat and a sunny windowsil is all I have, may buy some grow lights payday.

Any hints or tips would be appreciated as this is my first time growing tomatoes, thanks!


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It's very difficult to tell different varieties of tomatoes apart just by looking at the leaves, which all look pretty much the same (except for potato leaf varieties).

But yes, definitely you need to separate the plants. They will kill each other off the way they are. Have you seen mature tomato plants? Unless you have some kind of dwarf/ cherry/ patio variety (a possibility with the supermarket kit), it will get 5-10 feet tall and very bushy, how much depending on how you prune it. For a full size tomato plant, you need at least a 5 gallon bucket of soil. You likely don't have room for as many plants as you have once they each have their own 5 gallon bucket, but that's ok, because one tomato plant produces tons of tomatoes - if all goes well.

But tomatoes like 6 -8 hrs a day of direct sun. They aren't likely to do well by a window and they aren't likely to produce tomatoes. Even with a grow light, unless you invest in special(expensive) high intensity lights, it may be difficult to get them to fruit much.

Sorry to be be the bearer of lots of bad tidings. There are things that are much more suited to windowsill gardening than tomatoes. Lettuce, spinach, and leafy greens should do well and a number of different herbs.

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First of all thanks for your reply.

I will seperate each individual plant into their own containers today. Would you recommend me pruning the lower side shoots?

I guess if I don't get any tomatoes from it ( :( ) it is still practice for when I have a garden, but I will try my best. I will look at investing in some high intensity lights and may even build a grow box.

I also have baby leaf salad and chives growing on the windowsil which are doing ok, chives seem to be growing very slow though!

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A good rule of thumb is to never grow more than one tomato in a container unless you have a lot of experience with tomatoes and containers.

If your tomato was marketed to be grown in a little pot on a windowsill, it might be one of the micro cherry varieties that will not get very tall, so it would not need to be pruned. If it is not a micro then it will probably be so stunted by a small pot and low light from a windowsill that you won't have to worry about pruning (or fruit) either.

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