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Rose of Sharon Probalems

Hello everyone first visiter.. Need some help with my two Rose of Sharon shrubs. I have them planted about 5-6 ft a part. One of the shrubs breaks out with many blumes very pretty flowers the second one fills up with buds like it will brust out anyday with the same pretty flowers but it never does. Both srubs look very health.. I have had them for about 3 years and cut them way back at least twice both come back equally full. Please help. :D

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Mother Nature. Something is missing in the soil for the one that does not bloom. Distance does not matter. Add some NPK to the one that does not bloom in the fall and see what happens next year. Or it could be the one that blooms has a better soil mixture. It is one of those mysteries that needs experimentation. It definitely is the soil even though they are six feet apart.

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