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Protecting houseplants from the pets

I have several houseplants (all non-toxic/non-poisonous), and while the dog shows no interest in them, the cat loves to nibble on them.

What have others done to protect your plants from your pets?

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Hmmm we've had this discussion before and ground black pepper was the consensus.

We discussed at length the pros/cons of Cayenne pepper and came to the conclusion that it was a good thing to use because of the pain associated with inhaling it, and the fact that it wreaks havoc on the mucus membranes of vertebrate animals.

One of those invisible electric fences might work, but I personally don't see that working indoors with your houseplants.

Anybody else have any ideas?

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The Piss Off plant(Plectranthus canina var esculentus) seems to strangely keep all animals away. Cat's especially won't go near it. It doesn't have a funny smell. Just strange.

The only problem you might encounter if you grow this is that your cat might get angry, and pee in the house.


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Hi MinnMonkey,

You should find this helpful.


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