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Newbie with a few questions

Where to start. I have always liked roses. For many years my mom new what she was getting for mothers day, birthday and any other occasion that wasnt Christmas, Rose bushes.

After I got married and bought my own house I gave it an ill fated try to grow roses. They had way too much shade and fizzled out. I have recently gotten the OK to try again from the w/ife. Sooo. I have quite a large spot that receives in excess of 10 hours of direct sun this time of year. I found rose bushes at Home Depot and they were on sale at half off so I bought four. All are certified with little tags on them. I cant remember the names right off but 3 are grandiflora and 1 is a Michelangelo Hybrid Tea. They were infested with thrips and I immediately had to go to work. I got Bayer 3 in 1 systemic and Ortho Rose and shrub spray on 2 in 1. I pruned all the diseased looking leaves and all buds off. I placed the buds in large ziplock bags and sprayed in the bag with liquid sevin to kill any adult thrips that come out and may make it back before the trash man runs. Am I on the right track?

Next...I also have large quantities of pigeon droppings. Is this a good fertilizer?, maybe if composted or worm eaten?

The space where I am planning a large rose bed has been tilled for other plants for the last three years so the ground is fairly processed and loose.

I look forward to reading and learning. Thanks in advance.

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Here is a link that should answer these and many more of your questions

pigeon droppings can carry many diseases so I would not use them as fertilizers.

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