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New nectarine tree dying. Please help!

I recently just started getting into gardening and just purchased a nectarine tree for our backyard. My husband dug the whole and planted it in a sunny spot that we were told would be good for the growth. When we purchased it a couple months ago, it had green leaves on it. Now it looks like it is dying! The stems are turning a darker color and the leaves are shriveling up. I live in Chandler, Arizona so it is just starting to get really warm here now. We were watering twice a day, but now switched it to once in the mornings. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can save this tree?? Thanks.

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Hi Iwade

I would check that your problem is not Peach Leaf Curl.


If that's not the problem then it may just be that the roots cannot replace the water the leaves are transperating in the sudden wamth.

Keep the watering up and if possable give the tree some shade from direct sunlight.
When the trees roots are not big enough to replace the water that the leaves are ' sweating ' off ..they can dessicate as a result.
In extreme cases it may need the top reduced to give the plant a chance.

Good luck

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