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How to clean water-based Latex Paint on Fruit Tree?

The gardner forget what I told him--don't wish the paint brushes under my fruit tree. Now I have to clean it up. One from my near-by nursery told me to dig out the soil and replace with new soil plus 1/10 of gro-charcol. But no garuantee if I still can eat the frut anymore.

My OSH's expert said that only OIL-based Latex Paint needs to replace oil, water-based has no porblem because people use it to paint the trunk.

So I run waters on the spot for over 30 minutes. Now dig the soil out, and replaced with new soil/charcol mix.

The paint is water-based Latex Primer. Replace soil is organic. Do you think it is good enough to make sure I can eat the fruit in the future? Thanks.

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Hi Shaster,

I don't know the answer to your question, but maybe the Center for Food Safety would know.

I would suggest you tell them how much water and how much paint was in the water that was dumped on the soil. Also tell them how long the tainted soil was there and exactly when and how you replaced the soil. Also tell them the type of fruit trees these are.

Please let us know the answer you get.


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Latex paint can be removed with soap and water. If you want to cause as little damage to the soil as possible, lay down a drop sheet around the tree, and use a biodegradable soap to wash the paint off.

Even though, latex paint is water soluble; it does contain chemicals that are detrimental to the environment and in particular soil communities. So, use the drop sheets to sop up the washed off paint.

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