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Finally just got my first bonsai tree, now what kind is it..

I just bought this bonsai tree yesterday after wanting one for years. I hadn't done my research though and was unaware there were so many different kinds! The only thing I know is that it must be coniferous because it has no leaves. I think my little tree might be a Juniper, but I don't know that much about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some pictures:

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Looks like Juniperus procumbens nana to me. This is 100% an OUTDOOR tree. Inside, it will die a slow and lingering death.

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I will second it is a juniper, and is an out doors tree.
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I will third that notion even if you have a nice south window it going to die by experience I know this and it sucked not only for me but also the juniper i hate when these corp. like meijers and target lowes walmart say indoor bonsai all you need is a simple light bulb and it will grow guaranteed never trust one persons word always research you will eventually come to the right answer

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