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St Augustine Help Needed

First some background, when we moved into our house almost 4 years ago there was a huge (6 feet in diameter) brown circle in our St Augustine front lawn. My hubby fertilized, watered a bunch and even tried to transplant some spots that were just dirt and it worked. By the next year, it was beautiful and full. You could hardly notice that it was ever there.

Well it's back. Ugh. My hubby admits that he didn't water/fertilize like he had in the previous years due to the arrive of our daughter.

But why is that area the only spot we are having problems with? Does anyone know what it could be causing it? Is there a fast treatment? Any help would be so appreciated!!

Thanks all!

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I was actually browsing the forum to look for something else when I ran across this post.

My son had the same problem in his backyard where a tree stump was ground down. I think the problem was that the dirt was too shallow and the old tree roots were in the way. I dug below the surface and removed as much of the roots as possible and filled with new mulched dirt.

You may have the same problem or something similar.

Good luck.

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I'd like to see more replies on this hopefully, its a very interesting situation... unfortunately... I have no insight :lol:

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