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Newbie - how many GPH/times per week for Dwarf Arborvitae?

Hi All,

Although I work on many things inside my house I am absolutely clueless when it comes to anything outside. I have finally started trying to do some landscaping and have planted some "Dwarf Globe Arborvitae" bushes, specifically 3, among other things. They are in a fairly shady spot, have weed block fabric and mulch on top of them, and I am in SE NY (Long Island). My question is, how many times a week do I water them and how much water? I want to add some of these mini-sprinklers to my current IGS system, and currently the zone they are on is watered every other day for 20 mins in the middle of the night. The mini-sprinklers are rated in GPH.

Any help at all is appreciated. TIA!

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That sounds about fair for watering but they don't particularily care for shade but neither do they like wind.

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