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Fruit Trees

Does anyone know how to keep the squirrels from eating all my peaches and oranges? :roll:

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This post is almost a month old now, did you find anything that worked?

Not sure if you have a couple trees or a big production, but when we found a bunch of pieces of baby apple at the base of our apple tree, we thought we'd have a war over the few remaining apples (they've never let us have a single one in previous years!). Luckily the squirrels have recently mysteriously disappeared (suspicious, yet thankful, glances to neighbor :lol: ). On our list of defenses to try was dried blood sprinkled around the base and then again a bit further out, having dh pee around the tree (mark his territory), and possibly a mean old plastic owl positioned nearby. We're hoping this deters deer, too. :?

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I've got momma fox that cuts through my yard 3 or 4 times a day. That helps!

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