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Concerning problem with phlox and asiatic lily

Hi everyone!
First time poster here, and frankly, a pretty new gardener as it is. I have a neighbor phlox and asiatic lily in one of my beds. I first noticed an issue with the phlox. The growth looked a little stunted compared to the other phlox in the same bed (about 3 ft away), and then the leaves began to curl, both vertically into themselves (like a burrito) and also like curly-q's (like a pig's tail...ok, maybe that didn't need a description!) I checked the leaves for insects and worms but didn't see anything. Now, the asiatic lily right by it is starting to do the same thing. It's leaves are now starting to curl downward--not to the extent of the phlox, but they are no longer pointing skyward like the other lily in my bed (again, 3 feet away). Just this morning, I noticed the lower leaves of the phlox were yellow. What in the world is going on, and how can I fix it? These are both sophomores in this bed and I love them and don't want to lose them.

Thanks for any advice!

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The problem is being a newbie at planting. Plants are like humans they want everything right so they don't have to visit a doctor's office. When you dig a hole if the soil is sand or clay you must amend the soil with compost, easy to make, or manure to either bind the soil or loosen it up and when the soil is backfilled you must make certain there are no airpockets because they will dry out the roots and the plant dies. Intial water every other day then twice a week. If it is shade loving do not plant in full sun and visa versa.

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