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Moldy Rainbow Leucothoe

I have what looks like mold (or some type of fungi?) growing around the base of these plants. Any idea how to treat it?

These are new plantings and shortly after I put them in the ground I noticed that some (most) of them were showing some brown spots and extreme yellowing on the leaves.

A guru at Home Depot told me that it looked like an iron deficiency and fungi, so I put some Hollytone around the base and sprayed them a couple times with fungicide.

I have no idea what is going on with these guys but I hate to lose them. I have some Aucubas nearby that seem to be doing very well. Any ideas??


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Hi Ted,

These plants are sometimes prone to leaf spot. That can be either fungal or bacterial. I can't seem to find alot on them, but take a look at this site and click on 'Problems'.

That might help you figure out what it going on.

This site, and several others I've read, says to rejuvenate by cutting oldest stems to the ground in spring after blooming.
Leucothoe fontanesiana (Drooping Leucothoe). Outstanding all-season evergreen foliage. Requires acid, rich, well-drained shady sites. Grow well to reduce leaf spot. Rejuvenate periodically by shearing to ground. Several cultivars available.
More info:


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