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Need to KILL this

Looks like some type of ryegrass, it's scattered over my yard. My lawn is tall fescue, had I known that tall fescue grew in patches that itself looks like crabgrass I would have chosen a better grass but alas I am stuck with it for now, How do I kill this weed/ryegrass off? from the information I have gathered it is a perennial so it will only live once but the seeds will fall off and regrow next year, If I were to pick all of these tops off would it die off next year? also read that it is very intolerant to heat and being in central california we can hit 110F pretty easily in summer so maybe a combo of picking all the seed tops and the heat will kill it off? I can tell you ortho weed-b-gon max didn't do anything but fertilize it.

scan of the weed

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Good luck.

My son's St. Augustine lawn was infested by some tall grass. I tried chemical warfare which didn't help. I tried pulling them out one by one which helped for awhile, but these things have runners so I ended up just taking everything out by the roots down to bare dirt in the infested area. I dug up some St. Augustine from the back yard and sodded the front yard. It's almost completely rooted in now. I still have to weed a few of that tall grass but nothing like before.

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