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any suggestions?

First let me introduce myself I am Judy from Virginia. My boyfriend is having some issues with his lilac bush and I hope someone can help as we are trying to learn how to care for the lilac. the bush is about 3 or 4 years old and he says it has never been pruned, and when we have the last frost of the winter the leaves turn black and it blooms but there are very few. could anyone give me tips on what to do and should we give it some kind of fertilizer. Please help :?
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Sounds to me like you have been very unlucky, getting hit with a late season frost. Is the shrub in a spot that gets warmer than the rest of the yard? Perhaps look for a micro climate in the the yard which doesn't get quite as much sunlight so very early in the season. If placed there, perhaps the budding could be delayed by two or three weeks which would likely remove the threat of a late frost to the tender young foliage.
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