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Jade question again

Hi is every 10-12 day to often to water a Jade plant. Because by that time my moister meter reads dry all the way to the botom of the pot. And my other problem is the leave's on the plant keep turning black around the edges, and then they get realy thin and wrinkled. Then they fall of. I had a mealy bug problem but they seem to be gone. I thought it might be overwatering at first. But there are little black dots on the bottome of allot of the leaves. And I just don't know what is hapening to it. Please help I'm confused. :!: :?: :shock:

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Can you post a pic -- a clear close-up -- of the black dots/spots?

The other symptoms you describe could be from letting it get too dry. Jades are succulents, but not desert cacti. Try watering it about every 7 days.
Also, when you water it, give it plenty, not just a sip.

If the Leaves start to wrinkle before 7 days go by, water it every 5 days. They don't like a lot of heat, so keep yours at average house temperatures. :)

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