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TV show how to grow Herbs in 1 week.

I saw a on TV this weekend how to grow herbs in 1 week. The guy has plant trays that looked like maybe 12" wide 24" long. He put about 1/2" of water in the bottom of the plant tray then he cut a 1" thick sheet of rock wool to fit in the bottom. After putting the rock wool in the water he sprinkled lots and lots of seeds over the rock wool. Seeds were about 1/4" apart. Next he sprayed the seeds with a mist of water then put on the clear plastic top to hold moisture. The trays were placed in a warm spot that was 85 degrees F until the seed sprouted which took 2 days. The tray was then moved to a location that had floriscent grow lights. In 1 week the rock wool was covered with a solid forest of tiny little herb plants that were ready to harvest. He claims the tiny herbs have stronger and better flavor than full grown plants so you cut off a few with scissers to put on your food. The guy was selling the plant tray of herbs to restaurants one tray was a week supply of herbs for the restaurant.

Has anyone every tried this?
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Hi Gary,

Interesting post. I haven't tried this yet, but I am about to give it a go.

I also learned about if from a TV program, but not one specifically about herbs. The Program was about a famous UK Chef who has a restaurant in Oxford, UK. He uses herbs grown in small plastic cartons in the way you describe. His comments were that they have an intense flavour which he uses to very good effect in his recipes.

Let me know how you get on.

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If you really think about it, almost all herbs, editable flowers and veggies have more flavor when young.
Actually meats and poultry are also more tender and flavorful when young. Nobody wants the old stuff! 'LMFAO'

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Its a weak hydroponic setup. Hydroponic stuff grows 2-4 times faster than normal when soil isn't 'hindering' development.

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