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Active Aeration Program

Hey I have and idea for a Plant Health Care treatment program and I have come up with three teas that I can brew at home and bring onsite with hand sprayers.

Foliar Insecticide Spray

Acid (fungi) Fertilizer

Alkaline (bacteria) Fertilizer

Can you think of any more? I"m going with off the shelf aerator pumps and I have access to virtually unlimited 55 gallon plastic drums.


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with a nice balanced compost tea you can achieve all of those and more.

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:o Okay that's interesting what is your all-in-one recipe?

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There is a huge long thread on Aerated Activated Compost Tea

with a number of different recipes and lots of great info.

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At 34 pages or so, you need to have enough time on your hand to read a book, to get through that thread. :lol:

I guess it may be impractical to do, but it would be nice if one of the moderators could break that "sticky" into Chapters, with the posts that are related grouped together.
I agree that there is a lot of good information in that thread, but, I think the time commitment involved to get through it is probably discouraging to a lot of folks. :(

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TonyZ, I'm sure we'd be interested in your recipes too - are you going to post?

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