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Oso easy rose bushes

I bought one of these Oso easy rose bushes from GardenCrossings but it was a Proven Winners bush. I planned on letting it cover the bottom of a raised flower bed to protect the bottom of Clematis vines from the sun since it was a ground covering bush. After adding in more plants I realized my mistake.

The Oso easy rose bush is supposed to be a vigourus grower, free of desease and with many beutifull flowers. I bought it because it sounded like it was a good hardy bush for zone 5. (almost zone 4)

Well the description was right. This thing grew like crazy and began taking over the bed. So I pruned it in the fall. When the snows dissapear in March there it is green and already leafed out with buds on it and it was taking over the garden again. I decided to remove it and give it to my neighbors who love rose bushes. This was a nice fragrant kind to. I decided I wanted more Perrenial plants in the raised bed and the rose bush had to go before it strangled everything.

If anyone wants a fast growing rose bush I suggest you check out the Oso Easy series. There is 7 rose bushes in the series and only one is a ground cover. The rest are actuall bushes. You can find descriptions of them here:

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