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Vegetable Garden Prep

I want to plant Early to Mid May (after the last frost - obviously)

Is there anything I should add to my soil at this point? Should I just add a layer of compost, or maure? Or is it too late to do something like that?


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Now is a great time to add compost and/or composted manure to the garden. Compost is something that can be added the garden at anytime and be beneficial. :)

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So straight manure is not good then? Can I find "Composted Manure" in a regular store? This year I'm not going to till the garden, I'm just going to add this layer to the top. I'll dig minimally for the plants.

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Like Dixana said COMPOSTED Manure. Please do not add anything you think may be fresh or not completely broken down. It will only serve to frustrate your gardening plans as manure not totally composted will burn your plants.

My compost consists of some manure in the form of material I take from a local horse stable with straw and wood shavings in it. I'll use it, leaves, grass clippings, garden scrap and kitchen scrap to make my compost. It takes between 3-4 months for this stuff to break down enough to place in my garden.

If you need some now, I'd suggest a nursery center or place that sells garden soil, fill dirt, mulch,etc. Some municipalities are lucky and have a composting plan in place that can be taken advantage of by residents. Unfortunately, New Orleans is not one of those progressive thinking cities.

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I am a big big believer in green manure and I even think that ground cover is very beneficial prior to vegetable planting. Even a basic mulch will raise the soil temperature and promote biological activity that is helpful for your soil. some other stuff about [url=https://www.plantdex.com/index.php/planting-guides/48-organic/119-organic-farming-techniques]organic gardening[/url] preparation.

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