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Chilli Plant ID Advice

Can anyone help me ID my chilli plants please, I think I may have mis-labelled them when sowing.
Above is the two plants concerned, the left is what I've labelled my Apache f1 chilli, and the right is the Californian Wonder Pepper. My concern is that the Apache is taller and thiner spaced leaves than the californian wonder which is compact with a larger density of leaves. Apache is the only chilli I'm growing, all the rest are peppers and all look similar to what I've labelled as my Apache. The CW is the only plant of all of them that is shorter and denser and I think I may have mixed them round, any please?
Above is what is labelled CW but I suspect is Apache.
Above this time is the taller plant that looks like all my other peppers but I've labelled Apache chilli.

Oh by the way my first post, be gentle, seems like an excellent site for all my advice needs, I'll be happy to give what little I know back too.

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Its hard to tell because the CW? is putting energy into branching so may be shorter because of that (and the branching may indicate a more robust plant). Even though Apache is supposed to be a dwarf, I don't know if you can tell by growth habit-size at this point. They are both the same species so they will tend to be vey similar, so for now I would trust the tags.

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I one thing I can add is the Cal Wonder is going to have larger broader leaves, The Apache will stay quite compact with shorter narrower leaves. Just keep on the lookout for this over the next week or so. Your plant labeled Cal Wonder looks like my Amish Bush wild C. Annuum which is supposed to be a very compact bushy plant, and your plant labeled Apache looks much like my Super Heavyweight F1 Hybrid C. Annuum, a large bell pepper plant.
Just my two cents. Good luck!

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