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Yellow/brown dots

Hello - A squash plant sprouted up in our garden. I'm not sure of the variety yet, as we didn't plant it. I've noticed some yellow/brown dots (see photos) appearing on some of the leaves. Also, it appears that something is nibbling on the leaves. I noticed very tiny green bugs (~1-2 mm) on the undersides of the leaves. Any suggestions on these issues?

[url=]Image 1[/url]

[url=]Image 2[/url]

[url=]Image 3[/url]

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I'm not sure what kind of fungal or disease problem you heave, but the first image has definately been eaten. Search the forums for a soap spray recipe and keep it covered with a thin film of soap and the insects will leave them alone.

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The culprits in Photo #1 may be slugs or snails. They will not respond to the soapy spray.

To discover whether your plants are being attacked by slugs/snails, go out after dark with a flashlight and look on the undersides, stems, and soil near the plants. Remove any slugs/snails you find and...uh...terminate them. A trowel does the job nicely. :wink:

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