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New Potted Herbs

I bought Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Verbena & Catnip. I potted them and I have them on my balcony. They will be getting later afternoon sun, 3pm direct sunlight until sunset.

The pots are about 6 inches deep.

How often/much should I water them?


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Haven't much grown catnip (planted some in my garden once and the outdoor kitties rolled it to death!). I don't think the lemon verbena is too particular as long as you don't really over water it. But the rest is a mixture. The basil will want more water than the rosemary and thyme. The rosemary and thyme definitely want to dry out pretty thoroughly between waterings. I can't tell you how often because it depends on your soil and your conditions. But water them thoroughly and then let them dry out until the top couple inches of soil feel dry if you stick a finger in them. They also want to be in a very free draining soil, something kind of sandy, like a cactus mix.
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Nice selection of herbs! I would strongly suggest bigger pots. Your little one won't hold the root ball. Also the small pot dries out fast, so the plant goes from watered to dry near daily.
Basil and catnip want more frequent drinks than the others, just check soil and watch for droopy leaves. Rosemary likes deeper roots. You could have the rosemary or verbena with the thyme hanging off one side in a 8 -10" pot. The lemon verbena grows to near shrub like.

Or go for a larger pot, 14 -16" and make a mini-garden with a mix of several.

Hope this helps
Have fun!

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