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Plants that get along under cedar trees

Hi, I live in the Ozarks (sw missouri) we have an area of trees that include quite a few cedar trees and other trees, but the roots are all very close to the surface of the soil due to the rocky nature of the area. I would like to underplant this shady area with some bushes and groundcover, nothing seems to grow well here. So I am hoping someone out there has some ideas as to what we could try with probable success. Also have fencing on our property line that I would like to grow some vines.

Thanks in advance.


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This may help you.


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That's a nice list. For low growing things, you could do ferns, wild ginger (not related to culinary ginger, it's a native ground cover that gives a very nice carpet effect) and mix in some spring wildflowers - woods poppy, virginia bluebells, trillium, jack in the pulpit, solomon seal, etc.

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