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Mushrooms in my tomatoe garden

I'm finding mushroom bulbs starting to pop up around my tomatoes. Are they dangerous to my baby red tomatoes or red lightening tomatoes? Should I pull them up? :? My tomatoes are yet growing on the vines (they are green) and I want to make sure that they don't pose a threat to my tomatoes as they ripen. :?:

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No, they are not dangerous. You can pull them if you want to but, it doesn't really matter. The mushrooms will just come back again as they are the fruiting bodies of some fungus that is growing in your soil.

Having fungi in the soil is a really good thing. We want to promote as much diversity in the soil as possible. This way, any disease organisms will be eaten by other organisms that outnumber the disease organism. Also, plants will generally grow better with mycorhizzal associations with their roots.

So, these mushrooms (not the mushrooms themselves but the fungi) might actually be helping your tomatoes. You never know.


Can I stop mushrooms coming up in the garden?

Mushrooms and other larger fungi may appear in the garden anywhere there is organic matter for the fungi to feed on They can establish in the garden from spores spread by wind and water or can be brought into the garden living in organic landscape mulches, such as wood mulches.

When the fruiting body of the fungus appears it can be removed and disposed of before it releases its spores. Always wear gloves when removing fungi by hand. The earth or organic matter that the fungal fruiting body emerged from can also be disposed of in an effort to remove the hidden thread-like mycelium.

Please read this:

Hope that this is helpful. Happy Gardening!

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