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Did i over/under water my Mass Cane?

Last week i brought a Mass Cane from Lowes. I watered it when i got it because it felt dry to me and then took it to my office. on monday i noticed it had some yellow spots and lines on the leaves.

Im trying to find out if its being caused by over watering or something else. Its in its original plastic container with drainage holes. (I am planning on getting a clay pot soon.)

Also what should i do with leaves like this? Should i trim the bad parts off or remove the whole leaf? or leave it alone?

Im very new to indoor plants and im hoping i don't have my mums brown thumb.

(I think i posted this in the correct spot but let me know if i didn't)

Thank you

Here are some photos. Sorry about the quality.


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Those marks are mechanical injury. Doesn't mean a machine did it, but that there was some injury inflicted either in the store before you bought it, or in transport to home. If it fell over, or had a door whack it, or was whipped by wind in transport, those could have caused these sorts of marks. Yeah, the leaves are damaged there, but it's not contagious. You might not lose the entire leaf or leaves. If they bother you right now, you could trim the entire leaf or just anything that has those yellowy areas. They will not get better, and will actually turn dry and brown eventually. Hard to say if they will spread a bit more. They are kinda like a bruise, only not one that section of the leaf will heal.

You probably did not need to transplant it so soon. Be careful not to overwater or overfertilize since it will be in transplant shock to some degree. When you water, use water that has sat out at least overnight to offgas chlorine, or spring water. I used fish tank water already treated for chlorine and chloramines, but then I had a modestly large volume of aquaria and a need to change water often.

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