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I've just moved into a new apartment, and this is the backyard that it came with...I've already tried to dig out some bigger, more conspicuous weeds, but not really quite sure how to deal with the rest of the mess. What do you guys think? Redeemable?



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Redeemable? There's nothing there to redeem! You have a great opportinity here to create something new and wonderful. Get digging!

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Here's what you do:

Dig up those grasses and other weeds, lay down some black and white newspaper. Then, lay down a layer of manure atop the newspaper.

Next, a layer of mulched up leaves (maple and apple are the best, Oak are good but, contain a chemical called Coumarin that inhibits the growth of grass.)

Finally, a layer of manure. You can now plant plants directly into the top layer of manure.

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