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Evergreen shrubs for small garden advice

My garden is long and narrow (16' x 60') with shrub borders up both sides and along the top. Alongside the left border is a curvy path and between the path the the right border is grass.

I planted it 20 years ago and because I was in a hurry to get privacy from my neighbours on both sides I planted too many shrubs, too close together and far too vigorous for such a small garden. The result is that it is now like a jungle and has become a nightmare to maintain. Now that my husband and I are retired and while we're still fit enough, we are clearing the garden and replanting it in a more low maintenance style.

I'd be grateful for advice on which shrubs, preferably evergreen and flowering, I should plant. I'd like some of them to grow to about 6 feet tall and others at the front of the borders to be about 3 feet tall.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Well, they don't flower but they do fruit. Juniper are a low maintenance evergreen shrub that is used quite commonly around here.

Rhododendrons are evergreen but, deadheading them can be a bit of work.

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Hi Lizzie,

I too have a narrow garden that is 15' by 60' feet so I understand your situation. This UK site has loads of info on plants and design and should be very helpful.

I don't know if there are reruns of Ground Force with Alan Titchmark show with Charlie Dimmock where they redisigned a garden in two days, but there were several long narrow gardens featured. I found it!

Here's Alan's newest program.

Several others with design ideas at these links too.

That should give you some ideas.

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