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sand rakes


I work for a landscaping company and we have a client with a large beach on their property. We use a large wooden sand rake similar to the type one finds in miniature "zen gardens" to rake the sand on the beach into various decorative patterns. It's about 6 feet long, though, with the rake part about two and a half feet wide.

Unfortunately, our rake is starting to fall apart and we can't seem to figure out where to buy a new one. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions that would help us find a way to purchase a new one?

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Hi Ben,

You don't say where you live, but try a google with the term:
sand rake

I tried it with zen garden rake and most of the links were for minatures.

I don't know if this will help you, but you can make one that will level the sand. It's used to level for putting in pavers or bricks or before spreading seed.


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