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New to Bonsai. Taking on a challenge!

I've always loved the beauty of Bonsai and have immense respect for those who train and practice it.
I decided I would go out today and get myself one. I picked a cute little Pohutukawa tree from a friends backyard. I'm from New Zealand and I've always loved the flamboyant flowering of the plant. It's also a coastal tree so it's used to having a harsher conditions (plus I like to use something native :wink: )

I have a rustic old wooden planter box that I have lined nicely and I just potted it then.
For soil I've used a combination (about 50/50) of regular soil and some succulent/cactus soil (I figure the sand content is what it needed most).
I'm introducing a rock to my bonsai also to have some(but not too much) exposed root system.

If anyone has any tips and tricks they'd like to pass on It would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,

-Future Bonsai Enthusiast

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Hello and welcome to the forum. It's always a good idea to use native species if they are appropriate. Some species don't seem to have the correct appearance or disposition for bonsai but often you can't tell until you have been growing them for a while.

As for tips, have a look at out little library.

For some visual inspiration, check out this thread.

The tree you collected will need some time to recover and probably some more time to develop so don't rush into anything. Often bonsai spend years in their training containers before being placed into a decorative one.


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@Stardestroyer: Your soil ideas are on the money.

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