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How to Save a Jean's Dilly?

Hello all,
I am writing to ask if anyone knows how to bring a young Jean's Dilly back from the brink. It was a Christmas gift and I am keeping it as an indoor tree. I have had it for one month now, and it was replanted in a wooden pot with fresh new soil. I water it daily, just about, and it sits on my window sill for light, but doesnt get direct sunlight. The needles are turning brown from the trunk out and it is working its way up the tree slowly. It is dry in the apartment as well. I could use some help in helping this tree recover!!


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Hello, bdfpwu21. Sorry to hear that your “ Jean’s Dilly “ is stressed out.
Your tree doesn’t like hot and dry. It also wants regular water and
well draining soil. How wide is the window sill? If the tree is right next
to the window, there is a temperature difference between the window
side and the room side of the plant. It doesn’t like that environment.
Move the tree farther away from the window so it’s in one temperature
Since your apartment is dry, I would fill a plant saucer with pebbles and
water to the top of the pebbles. This will create moist microclimate to
deal with the dry air. Keep us posted on how your little guy does.
Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area

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