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Help-Hibiscus tree bugs

I hope someone can help me. I posted on a different sight days ago and no one even looked. So, I saw this sight and it seemed like there was alot of help. So, as you can tell I am newbe here and also with hibiscus trees.

I acquired my first tree when I saw it dying at wal-mart. I lifted the little withered tree up and the pot fell off and it was a big dry dirt ball of roots.
So, I took it home, watered and fertilized it and it perked up and gave me a couple flowers(Peachy ones) Its a braided tree. Great right...well.....

I was at another store and saw these othe hybiscus trees and just had to have it since my 1st did so good. This is not braided. I bought two one for me and one for a friend. Well, my friends is gorgeous blooming all the time.
Mine just never would seem to take off well it did finally get one bloom and then just when I thought it would open it fell off. (It would have been red)

So, even though it was in a large pot I decided to transplant it. When I lifted the tree out of the pot I freaked. I don't know what I was looking at but hundreds of little white worms. :shock: I quicky shook all the dirt I could into a trash bag and replanted and fertilized. It perked up for about a week and then I noticed bites all over the leaves and little black bugs I thought.
Then a few days later I noticed little white flies when ever I touched my tree. So, I asked a man at the store what to do. He said to get "Seven" and it would get rid of the bugs and not hurt the trees. Well, I have sprayed twice (Once a week) its time for another spray actually. They seem like there gone and then they are back.

This weekend when I checked again I found on my beautiful braided one a folded leaf with white cottony looking stuff inside with eggs I assumed. I don't know what I am fighting against. Is it more than one critter I am dealing with.
My little braided one has about nine beautiful blooms coming. But, now it has buggies too. My bigger one just looks plain horrible, chewed up leaves, skimpy and no blooms yet. I think I see a few tiny one maybe. But, if I don't do something it won't matter.

I have to bring them in for the winter and I don't know either if these bugs will spread to my indoor plants too?
Is this a loosing battle? :cry:

Sorry this is so long...like I said I'm a newbie and wanted to explain all I could. Thanks for listening! :D
(By the way the one I got for my friend was so different her leaves were almost like carnation looking, fluffy. Not wide open like my peach ones. Where can I look to figure out what kinds I have bought. The tags never said) Thanks again for reading this log winded post.

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Hi DizzyDee,

Sounds like your hibiscus has whitefly. You can use citrus oil or neem oil instead of the Sevin, or insecticidal soap. You will need to spray every 5 days to get them all.

You may also have mealy bugs. Do the cottony things look like this?

Both of these pests can spread to your other houseplants.

As to id your hibiscus, there are hundreds of varieties. If you know the name of the grower from the tag you might be able to find a website for them and search for yours. I'm thinking yours are tropical as you said you have to bring them indoors for the winter. Here's how to tell. If you keep reading on that page they have good growing info too.

As to the leaves of the one you bought for your friend, it might be Hibiscus syriacus - rose of sharon. These are hardy plants and need to stay in the ground for the winter.


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