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My Japanese Boxwoods are struggling....

Do they usually turn brown and start to loose their leaves during fall/winter season in Southern California? I just moved into a new home and noticed their recent deterioration. I fertilized them recently and we have had a tremendous amount of rain. There is no sign of insect infestation. I am not sure how to revive them. Please help me...any suggestions on fertilizers?

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Sorry your question went unanswered. I'm not sure that I can help your plants to recover but I can say that no, Buxus, at least the ones I am familiar with, should not lose their leaves during the winter. I have several in cold storage right now that still retain their foliage. They do change color and become a darker shade, almost a bronze tone, but should not behave as deciduous trees do. You have some other issues.

Does anyone else have anything to add?


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The only buxus I know are in gardens, so not bonsai style, but when they turn brown you're usually in trouble :(
Try and make sure they are watered properly (not too much or too little) and refrain from fertilizing until active growing season.

good luck

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