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About Roses

Roses grow in many colors, shapes and sizes. There are quotations, poems, stories, pictures, societies and clubs that are all about roses. There are bouquets, nosegays, boutonnieres and corsages, arrangements, bud vases, sprays, wreaths, many crafts and gardens and gardens full of roses. They are probably the most talked about flower.

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Re: About Roses

>They are probably the most talked about flower.<

This point was imo beautifully presented by Audrey Hepburn in her wonderful series where she devoted a whole half hour to the rose--we caught the series on PBS:

Gardens of the World

"Episode 1. "Roses and Rose Gardens": An adventure with the flower of legend, romance and beauty"

It was so nice to see her strolling with the distinguished rosarian Sir Graham Stuart Thomas.

Regards, Len

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