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Japanese garden in Poland

I'm new to the forum.I would like to present my garden.

The garden is situated in Poland, Bydgoszcz and its space is 120 square metres. Its construction began in 2006. At first only grass was sowed, but in the course of time the number of plants grew with the Japanese climate prevailing.
The need of creating my dream garden was the driving force to look for many inspirations and designs. However, it was the Japanese one that dominated the garden and turned out to be the right direction leading towards building my dream garden. All the works I have done by myself with a little help with the garden house. The garden is still under construction. The project includes enlarging the garden by 80 square metres, making a small pond, waterfall and a roof over the pavilion according to the construction rules of Japanese buildings.



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Hi Fajfer,
I have just visited your website and your Japanese garden looks great,best of luck with your project.
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Welcome to the forum @fajfer457
Great job !
And I mean, both the garden and the website.
Piet, Tsubo-en

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I enjoyed the year-by-year work in progress reports. There is a lot of hard work in that garden.

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