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New greenhouse up

A few months ago I was on and someone said they'd bought a new greenhouse from Harbor Freight....I got on their website and found one I could live with. Well today I finally got the first bed in place and planted 2 kinds of lettuce, bok choi, and endive and transplanted some celery from the garden that hadn't died quite yet. And here's a few photo of my endevors.
A lot of work....but maybe I'll get a few veggies out of it...maybe not...as I live in central Penna. and our weather is iffy at best.

I still have the other side to do but this is a great first attempt. Added it to the back of our garage with the intentions of making the window into a door should we need to heat this. Plus the garage gives it a good wind break for the winter.

BTW....I'm a newbie on this forum.
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Welcome to the forum. :D It would be nice, IMO, if "Roger Almighty" would add a Greenhouse Forum. :wink:

Very nice setup, a lot like mine. :D You will have earlier greens and later too. Should be able to start, hundreds of vegetable starts, for the garden also.




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This is my sun room on the front of our house...it had started life as a greenhouse then we inclosed the roof and add a few sky lights....now it houses my orchids and a few plants over the winter.

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Very nice everybody! Now to save up for one for myself! After just opening a new business though, I can't see that happening for awhile, but thank goodness dreams are Free! :D

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