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Bougy Mold n no new growth

I have had my boganvilla bonsai for two months and I have no new growth but I'm not really loosing leaves so should I prune it back I have no clue I just no my last one lost its leaves and didn't get new growth so I no that I need some even if I have leaves. Now I water very lil just like orchid so when its dry I drench it good that when it dry do it again but now that I started using a fertilizer my soil has gotten mold growing where the soil meets the container. I pretty sure it will grow every where if I wouldn't pick the mold of with my fingers. Now I don't have any pebbles on top of my soil I don't know if that matters. So I could really use some help and so answers because I'v read every thing on the mold topic and I cant even find any thing about a plant not spouting only thing that I could find where ones that went into shock and then didn't sprout. so thank you and please help.

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I don't grow this species so I don't have much to offer. Are these not more suited to warmer locations? Perhaps the lack of growth is related to cooler temperatures than it likes and/or less light at this time of year.

Your watering sounds good in general, but again I can't say specifically. Not sure why you would be getting mold due to fertilizer. I have had that only when I used a solid organic fertilizer. What are you using? You can always scrape it away with your fingers or an old toothbrush. At any rate, I don't think that the mold is the casue of the problem

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