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Have Brugmansia & Passiflora rooted cuttings!

Hi everyone,
I have several passiflora species, rooted clones off of my all flowering vines:
*Passiflora edulis (1)
*Passiflora foetida (2 sets)
*Passiflora actinia (1 set)
*Passiflora incarnata (many)
*Passiflora vitifolia (1)

I also have a 3' tall rooted set of about 10, brugmansia of unknown variety, It's a peach throated type.
2 18" tall well rooted cuttings (above the Y) of Pink Masterpiece brug.

Also have:
*white agapanthus bulbs
*pink fountain grass seed
*White orchid tree seed (bauhinia) Zone 9A and up

*clerodendrum speciousum, unrooted cuttings I will take when mailing.

What I'd like:
*Seeds or vine of vigna caracalla
*White Shrimp plant
*'Fruit cocktail' Shrimp plant
*Other species of brugmansia and passiflora

* Here is a link to photos of my plants I'm offering. The only one not pictured is the bauhinia. Google it. It has a white orchid like flower when the tree reaches about 10 tall. Very fast growing if watered and fertilized:

Thanks in advance

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of Pink Masterpiece brug.

What is that mean :? i never heard of pink masterpiece brug.

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