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Rose canes with Black ends

I just moved in to a house about a month ago. I have 2 very neglected rose bushes. One looks really good ( I have not hardly touch this one) and the other is in terrible shape. I have to admit that I have had to cut on this one alot because it is next to the walk way. I have dead headed and cut some of the really long canes to the top of the rose bush but the canes that I have had to cut do to the fact that they were so long have now turned black on the ends. As I was really looking at the plant I have noticed that it is really sick looking. The leaves are looking wilted and dried up. I put water on it for about 30 minutes today. But I am not sure how long to water. we have very sandy soil which is new to me. I just in general need help with how to care for my rose bush.


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Hopefully our Rose expert will be around soon. Anybody else have any advice?

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Hi Megra Lee,

The black tips can be prevented by cutting on a 30 to 45 degree angle and close to the bud or set of 5 leaves. If you leave too much stem tissue exposed it will turn black. You might find this helpful.

Roses need about 5 gallons of water a week in the summer.


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