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Mango disease

I planted a mango tree bought from a nursery 8 month ago and after a while the tip of the tree started changing the colour from green to black and I 've noticed a whittish thick liquid around the growing tip. Then the leaves started changing the colour to brown and then they become crispy. I sprayed the tree with a sulphate but so far no result. I attached some pictures just to have a look. Could you please help me to save the tree.
Thank you.

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When you spray a plant with sulphate you kill all the flora and fauna living on the tree. Another solution to a fungal infection (which is what I think you might have) is to spray the tree several times a week with an aerated compost tea.

You can sometimes purchase these but, are dead simple to make. Just add compost to a barrel (garbage barrel works best) and fill with water. Place an aquarium aerator in the barrel and allow to steap for one week. Spray your tree with this and there you go.

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