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What is this?


I thought this was a japanese maple, but the leaves are smaller and softer than the ones I'd seen before. Perhaps its just a variety I'm unfamiliar with.

How difficult to root are cuttings?[/img]

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It could be from a subfamily of Maple family as for cuttings I could say it could be difficult.

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It is a form of Japanese Maple, it's called a "lace leaf maple." There are different strains of lace leaf maples so I can't be sure which one to specify. Cuttings could be difficult, you might have to graft if anything. You could trying getting some root hormone or superthrive and plant some cuttings, best time would be right before the spring before the buds break or maybe even a little before. Japanese maples are very hard to grow from cuttings though so good luck.

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To me, it looks like a Lace-Leaf Viridis Japanese Maple. But not sure.
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