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Pecan Tree (Non-edible)

We have a large (60') old (35+ years) pecan tree in the front yard of our sub-division yard. It is reputedely the non-edible type, but nobody told the 10 - 20 squirrels that, who inhabit the tree twice each year (once in the spring with the catkins, then in the Fall with the pecans), and throw down an unholy mess onto the driveway that makes it look like an oily trash dump for about a month each time.

We are wondering if "pollarding" is something to be done on a tree this size?

Is it feasible; would it help; how long would it last before we had to do it again. The latter is not a big deal compared to the twice-yearly, full-day cleanups we have to do, bleach having been proven as the only solution.

Or can anybody help with better ideas and solutions (other than a beebee gun!).

Thanks for any help!

Steve W

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