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What are Aphicides???


I'm a Publishing student at university working on a piece of taxonomy coursework. Luckily for me the information I have to organise is all about roses and rose gardening something I know nothing about. I have managed to find out the meaning of all of the words on my list such as Angiospermae, homoptera, Dicotyledons etc. However, there is one term I have been unable to find in any dictionary or Gardening book, this is Aphicide. I have typed it into Google and and all that seems to come up is places that sell it so I'm guessing it's a type of agricultural chemical. Is it a type of pesticide/insceticide?? If any of you could give me any more information on this it would be extremely helpful

Thank you in adavance

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Hi Jenni,

I think you missed this one. It's the fourth site listed at Google.
A systemic emulsifiable concentrate insecticide with contact and stomach action for the control of aphids and other pests as listed
Good luck with your course.

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