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Help Identify weed and give advice

I would appreciate it if anyone could help identify this grassy like weed. First, I am in Montgomery County Maryland, just northwest of DC. This weed started off a couple of years ago in a small area of the lawn. Now it has doubled in size over the past year and I am starting to see other areas where this weed is appearing. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.




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I may be crabgrass.

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The grass looks like crabgrass.

There is also Oxalis (the shamrock plant) in both pictures. If that's the case, best of luck getting rid of it - I've never been able to.

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In the bottom left of the last photo you see the bluer, lower grass?

THAT'S crabgrass... there's another one here as well...

I'm still scratchin my noggin and searching for the taller green one. Too tall and green for crab, not blue enough for barnyard grass...

It's not a fescue... brome grass maybe? I need an extreme close-up of the section where the blade unfurls...

Scott Reil

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